Due to budget restrictions, small exhibitions often have partial content of their art pieces.
Such a lack in deepening on the artist’s life and his creations, especially on his minor works, could impact the positive avaluation of the entire exhibition.

MOMI generates a custom board fitted on needs of the exhibition.
In this way, if the organizer hasn’t a specific description of the exhibition he will be able to use the default board previously created on MOMI.
All the art boards are available in English and translatable in all languages.
MOMI is enabled to offer a detailed board dedicated to a deeper exploration of some aspects of the artist.
Thanks to MOMI you can enrich the audience knowledge on an art piece or an artist without additional efforts from you.

2.organisers don't
know their audience

Up until now the only way to know what your audience is thinking about your event comes from a survey. No tool exists to monitor and interpret the exhibition trends in realtime.
Through MOMI every single visitor can express his reaction, leave a comment or simply share the art or the exhibition on his social profile.
Artists will have feedback about their creations from a different point of view. Organizers will have realtime statistics on interactions, journey times, shares, etc.


The World Wild Web is full of content, critics, insights about artists and art.
MOMI allows a richer experience connecting existing content in English language or localized according to any country as required language.

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