1.Scan QRCode

Contact on momiart.eu and register your exhibition.
Find artist and art through an intuitive interface or if you need to add custom content just contact us and we’ll guide you step-by-step.
Once the exhibition will be uploaded, the system will generate a PDF poster to install at the entry of the event. Visitors can start using MOMI thanks to the QR Code contained into the poster.

2.Digit the
reference code

In the exhibition every work is accompanied by a numeric code that identified it. MOMI utilize this code to access the art board.
Visitor will just need to digit this code on MOMI through his smartphone to start the interaction.

3.Share your

Before taking you to the art board, MOMI will ask you how does it make you feel. All impressions will be recorded and inserted inside trends.
Then visitor can leave a comment or share the emotions on social if enabled.

a world
of content?

Once you land on the art board you’ll be able to surf through all connected contents, visualizing images and videos.

Leave us your contact
and we will back to you soon!