What is art?

"Art is a human activity having for its purpose the transmission to others
of the highest and best feelings to which men have risen.”

Lev Tolstoj


How can an artist be able to know which emotions are transmitted through his art piece?

Nowadays is not possible to communicate directly with the artist and share our reaction to their art. The only emotions that we can find art described just from the critics.

After visiting a museum, are we really satisfied with the experience or we would like to know something more?

Often, following an exhibition, new questions arise and leave us with a sense of dissatisfaction. Looking for answers takes time even when they are available online.

MOMI is born to solve this needs.
An interactive guide that allows you to communicate your reaction when you are in front of a painting as well as a classic car.
MOMI also allows the curators of the gallery to enrich every opera with media content to provide more in-depth knowledge of the artist.
With MOMI the artists have feedback from their audience and the organizer have detailed realtime reports detailing people’s interactions with the exhibition.

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